Best practice multi language website

One best practice for implementing a multi-language website in PHP is to use a language detection library such as Text-Language-Detect. This library can detect the language of a given string and return the ISO 639-1 code of that language.

You can then use the ISO code to lookup the appropriate translation in a language translation file or database.

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To display the translated content on your website, you can use a combination of PHP and HTML. For example, you can use PHP to output the translated content inside an HTML element like a div or p tag.

Here is an example of how you can use PHP to display translated content on a multi-language website:

  // Detect the language of the user's browser
  $lang = detectLanguage();
  // Lookup the translation in a language translation file or database
  $translation = lookupTranslation($lang, 'welcome_message');
  // Output the translated content
  echo $translation;

It's also a good idea to use a language switcher on your website to allow users to easily switch between languages. This can be implemented as a dropdown menu or a list of links to the translated versions of your website.