Assets not referencing to public folder (Laravel)

In the Laravel framework, the "public" folder is the web server's document root and it's where assets such as CSS, JavaScript, and images should be stored. If assets are not referencing the "public" folder, it could be because they are stored in a different location or the references in the code are not correct.

To fix this, you should ensure that the assets are stored in the "public" folder and that the references in the code point to the correct location. You can use the Laravel's "asset" helper function to generate URLs for assets in the "public" folder, which will ensure that the references are correct even if the application is deployed to a different server.

Also, you can use the "php artisan storage:link" command to create a symbolic link from "public/storage" to "storage/app/public" which will make all files in the storage folder available in the public folder.