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Best way to do a PHP switch with multiple values per case?

To get specific attributes from a Laravel Collection, you can use the pluck method.

Replacements for switch statement in Python?

Here are a few alternatives to using a switch statement in Python:

Switch in Laravel 5 - Blade

In Laravel 5, the Blade templating engine provides a "switch" statement that allows you to compare a variable to multiple values and execute different code for each match.

Using two values for one switch case statement

To use two values in a switch case statement in Java, you can use the case label for each value, or you can use the case label with a range of values.

What is the Python equivalent for a case/switch statement?

The Python equivalent for a case/switch statement is the if-elif-else structure.

Why can't I use switch statement on a String?

In the Java programming language, you can use a switch statement to choose between a fixed number of alternatives.