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Difference between StringBuilder and StringBuffer

The StringBuilder and StringBuffer classes in Java are used to create mutable strings. A mutable string is a string that can be modified after it is created, unlike a regular string, which is immutable and cannot be modified.

How can I clear or empty a StringBuilder?

To clear or empty a StringBuilder in Java, you can use the setLength method and set the length to 0.

How to append a newline to StringBuilder

To append a newline to a StringBuilder object in Java, you can use the append method and pass it a newline character.

Remove last character of a StringBuilder?

To remove the last character of a StringBuilder in Java, you can use the deleteCharAt method and pass in the index of the character you want to delete.

StringBuilder vs String concatenation in toString() in Java

In Java, you can use either a StringBuilder or string concatenation to create a string representation of an object.