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Convert Set to List without creating new List

To convert a Set to a List in Java without creating a new List object, you can use the List constructor that takes a Collection as an argument.

Get difference between two lists with Unique Entries

You can use the set data type to find the difference between two lists with unique entries.

Getting an element from a Set

A Set is a collection of elements in which each element can only occur once. A Set does not have a specific order and does not provide a way to access its elements by their position.

How to convert an Array to a Set in Java

To convert an array to a Set in Java, you can use the Arrays.asList() method to create a List from the array, and then use the List.toSet() method to create a Set from the List.

How to Convert Set to Array in JavaScript

Read the tutorial and learn about several methods used for converting Set to Array in JavaScript. Also, read about differences between these two structures.

How to get the first element of the List or Set?

To get the first element of a List or Set in Java, you can use the following methods:

What is the difference between Set and List?

In Java, a Set is an interface that extends the Collection interface.