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How to Send Email Attachments via PHP

While sending a mail, it is often necessary to send attachments, too. In this snippet, we will show you how to send attachments with PHP mail easily.

PHPMailer - SMTP ERROR: Password command failed when send mail from my server

This error message typically indicates that the SMTP server is unable to authenticate the provided login credentials for the email account being used to send the email.

phpmailer - The following SMTP Error: Data not accepted

The "SMTP Error: Data not accepted" is a common error message that can occur when using the PHPMailer library to send email messages.

phpmailer: Reply using only "Reply To" address

To send an email using PHPMailer and have the reply go only to the "Reply-To" address, you can set the "addReplyTo" method and pass in the email address you want the reply to go to.