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Break or return from Java 8 stream forEach?

To break or return from a Java 8 Stream.forEach() operation, you can use the break or return statements as you would normally do in a loop.

How are lambdas useful?

Lambdas, also known as anonymous functions, are useful in Python because they allow you to create small, one-time use functions without having to define them with a full function statement.

How to use a Java8 lambda to sort a stream in reverse order?

To use a Java 8 lambda to sort a stream in reverse order, you can use the sorted() method of the Stream interface and pass a lambda function that compares the elements in reverse order.

Java 8 Lambda function that throws exception?

In Java 8, you can use a lambda expression to create a functional interface that throws an exception.

Java 8 List<V> into Map<K, V>

To convert a List<V> into a Map<K, V> in Java 8, you can use the toMap() method of the Collectors class from the package.

List comprehension vs. lambda + filter

List comprehension and the combination of lambda functions and the filter() function in Python are both used to filter a list and return a new list with only the elements that satisfy a certain condition.