How-to articles, tricks, and solutions about JAVASCRIPT OBJECTS

How Get the Current Year in JavaScript

Read this tutorial and learn about the simplest and fastest method of getting the current year a four-digit number using the Date object in JavaScript.

How to Append an Item to an Array in JavaScript

On this page, you can learn the ways of appending an item or multiple items to an array in JavaScript.

How to Change an Element’s Class with JavaScript

One of the most common issues in JavaScript is changing an element’s class. In this snippet, we are going to show you the efficient ways of achieving it.

How to Get a Class Name of an Object

Read this tutorial and learn information about several methods that are used for getting the class name of the object in JavaScript. Also, try examples.

How to Loop Through or Enumerate a JavaScript Object

Read this tutorial and learn several useful methods of looping through or enumerate a JavaScript object. Try and copy the piece of the code right away.