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Convert floats to ints in Pandas?

To convert floats to integers in Pandas, you can use the astype() function.

How do I parse a string to a float or int?

To parse a string to a float or int in Python, you can use the float() and int() functions, respectively.

How do I use a decimal step value for range()?

You can use the numpy library's arange() function to specify a decimal step value for the range.

How do you round UP a number?

In Python, you can use the ceil() function from the math module to round a number up.

How to convert float to int with Java

To convert a float to an int in Java, you can use the (int) type cast operator. The (int) operator will truncate the decimal part of the float value and convert it to an int.

How to nicely format floating numbers to string without unnecessary decimal 0's

To format a floating-point number as a string without unnecessary decimal zeros, you can use the DecimalFormat class from the java.text package. The DecimalFormat class allows you to specify a pattern for formatting numbers as strings.

Limiting floats to two decimal points

To limit a float to two decimal points, you can use the round() function.

ValueError: could not convert string to float: id

This error message is indicating that the program is trying to convert a string to a float, but the string is not a valid number.