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How to Deal With Undefined Offset Error in PHP

Here is a snippet that will help you to deal with a common PHP undefined offset error. Here, you will find three methods that help to avoid such an error.

How to Display PHP Errors

Often errors occur while executing a PHP application. Read this snippet to learn how to overcome difficulties and display such errors with the help of PHP.

How to Fix the "Invalid Argument Supplied for Foreach()" PHP Error

The "invalid argument supplied for foreach()" is considered a common PHP error. With the help of this tutorial, you will figure out how to resolve it.

How to Fix the Uncaught Error "Cannot Use Object of Type stdClass as an Array"

This short tutorial is dedicated to a common PHP issue "cannot use object of Type stdClass as an array". Read on to find the most accurate solutions.

How to Get JavaScript Stack Trace When Throwing an Exception

Read this JavaScript tutorial and learn useful information about the two methods that are used in programming to get stack trace when throwing an exception.

How to Log Errors and Warnings in a File with PHP

With the help of this snippet, you can learn how to log errors and warnings in a file in PHP. Go ahead and check out the examples.

How to Print a Message to the Error Console Using JavaScript

Read this tutorial and learn about the role of console object in JavaScript and, also, learn the way of printing the message to the error console easily.

How to Resolve the Fatal error: Maximum Execution time of 30 seconds exceeded in PHP

In this tutorial, we will show you handy solutions to implement once you encounter the fatal error: maximum execution time of 30 seconds exceeded in PHP.

How to Turn Off Notices in PHP

In PHP, notices are known as “soft errors”. However, at times developers want to turn them off. Here, we will show you how to act to turn off PHP notices.

How to Use the @ Sign in PHP

The @ sign is one of the common used ones in programming. Let’s discover how it can be used in PHP together. Read on the snippet and check the examples.

Where Does PHP Store Error Log

In this short tutorial, we are going to represent to you how to find where the PHP error log is located.