The (2>0 && 4>5) condition will return?

Understanding Logical Operators in Programming

The given question refers to logical operators in programming, specifically, the 'AND' operator (&&). In the statement provided, (2>0 && 4>5), we encounter two conditions linked by an 'AND' operator. To understand the outcome of this condition, we need to understand how the logical 'AND' operator works.

The Concept of Logical 'AND' operator

The logical 'AND' operator (&&) is a binary operator that operates on two boolean expressions. If both the expressions evaluate to 'True', then the result of the 'AND' operation is also 'True'. However, if either one or both the expressions are 'False', the result will be 'False'.

Applying the 'AND' operator

In the given condition, 2>0 is 'True' because 2 is indeed greater than 0, and 4>5 is 'False' as 4 is not greater than 5. Therefore, we have 'True' && 'False' which, as per the logical 'AND' concept, will return 'False' because both conditions aren't true.

An Example

Here's another practical example - if a program has a condition that a user needs to be over 18 years old and a subscribed member to access premium content, this could be represented as:

let age = 20; //True, as age is greater than 18
let isMember = false; //False, as user is not a member

if(age > 18 && isMember) {
    console.log('Access granted');
    console.log('Access denied');

The program would output 'Access denied' as, while the first condition is 'True', the second is 'False'. Both conditions need to be 'True' for access to be granted.

The Importance of Logical Operators

Logical operators are incredibly important in any programming language when complex conditions are evaluated. They add to a program's decision-making ability. To use them effectively, it's crucial to understand their basic principles and potential outcomes, just like the question shows with the 'AND' operator.

In summary, the question (2>0 && 4>5) returns 'False' as per the fundamental working principle of 'AND' logical operator in programming. Programming best practice involves correctly using logical operators to create conditions that control the flow of your code.

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