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Why Become a Polyglot Programmer?

May 15, 2020

Why Become a Polyglot Programmer?

The journey of becoming a professional programmer begins from learning the first programming language. Don’t get surprised, when you hear that more than 500 programming languages exist. The most popular ones are Java, Javascript, Python, PHP, CSS, C++, Typescript, Ruby and more. Anyway, one question is still actual as never: can a programmer be successful knowing a single programming language? Surely, there are specialized roles in one programming language, but most of the companies prefer to hire programmers who can handle multiple programming languages. Therefore, if you still know a single programming language, here are the reasons that the time has come to learn the second one. In any case, you should never forget about keeping the quality before learning the next language.

The More Tools You Have, the More Competitive you will be

The most difficult thing in learning a programming language is to get to know how to divide complex problems into small ones. Remember, that your first programming language is the basis that will provide you with valuable experience in problem-solving. Learning a second language will require you to work at a higher level. Besides, you will understand your first programming language better after learning the second one. The reason is that there are more distinctions in a programming language than just typing codes. Moreover, in the process of learning a second or a third language, you start to find similarities between the languages.

More Flexibility More Fun

Your work becomes more diverse when you know multiple programming languages. This means, that instead of doing the same actions over and over again, you deal with different things. Hence your mind always stays alert. You will enjoy your work much more while meeting new challenges and opportunities.

Some Programs Can Become More Popular

The field of programming is growing rapidly. Therefore, some programming languages can get out of style, while others will become more popular. In order to be an in-demand programmer, one should continuously learn different programming languages.

You Can Choose Among Various Jobs

Handling only one programming language limits your job opportunities. Accordingly, knowing two or more programming languages gives you multiple chances to pursue the job you like more. It is much better than being stuck with a single option.

You Can Increase Your Salary Potential

Most of the companies are willing to pay more to those who already know multiple programming languages or to those who have the potential. As a rule, these people are the most valuable employees.

Taking the First Steps

The first step in starting to learn programming languages is to choose the source. Before choosing the language, you need to answer the following questions:

  1. What is the given programming language about?
  2. Is that language currently in demand?
  3. Where to use the language in the framework of the development stack?

After getting general courses for learning the languages you have chosen, you can take quizzes to test your skills.

Good luck with your coding journey!

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