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Google Duplex: Pros and Cons of the Smartest Chatbot

Apr 19, 2022

Google Duplex: Pros and Cons of the Smartest Chatbot

What is Google Duplex?

Google Duplex is a revolutionary technology aimed at making natural conversations between humans and computers. This technology is focused on carrying out different tasks such as arranging appointments, and so on. The conversations are meant to be maximum natural, so people are not forced to adjust their speech to the machines. The tasks are implemented by the machine in a completely autonomous way without human engagement. Hence the system adapts to human, therefore, people can speak to the system in a way they speak to one another. Duplex can understand quite complicated sentences. In case the system gets commands that it can not carry out, a signal to the human operators is sent. Google Duplex was officially launched in May 2018. It represents the investments made by Google over the last couple of years. Let’s see how it can make the lives of people better.

Benefits of Google Duplex

The technology of Google Duplex has many benefits, especially for businesses. They let customers book with the help of this system and free themselves from training employees. This system also has a flexible scheduling and rescheduling policy. There are some limitations to the cancellation policy. For example, if you cancel a restaurant reservation, you will be able to make another one only in a day. According to Google, this is done for preventing the tool from possible spamming with cancellation calls.

As most businesses depend on phone interactions with their consumers, Duplex gives them a chance to increase customer engagement. Today almost all businesses offer flexible online booking options for the customers. Therefore, the tool of Google Duplex is a great opportunity to boost sales.

In the United Kingdom and the USA, Duplex helps users to book tickets to the cinema both on the web and Android. Users can entry it through Google App and Google Assistant. Google Duplex can be practiced in the tourism industry as well. With the help of this tool, travelers can overcome language barriers, as Google Assistant operates in numerous languages. With the help of this super-smart technology, you can take off boring jobs from your shoulders and save more time. All actions of Google Duplex are human-like and it can even overcome possible disagreements.


Despite the bright sides of Google Duplex, it is not free of drawbacks. Since Google Duplex has been released, there have been many concerns over the ethical and societal issues. For example, human operators may not always notice that they are speaking to digital robots, instead of humans. This is considered unethical by critics. The next concerns are raised over privacy issues. The main concern is over the possible automated phishing calls by the Duplex. In this way, people can give information that should not be given. As a consequence, hackers can benefit from such leakage of information.

Also, there are no absolute guarantees that the virtual assistant will do everything right.


The newest AI-based feature, developed by Google, is the most human-like chatbot ever seen by people. It is surely a breakthrough mechanics, which will change the interaction between the businesses and their customers.

Anyway, we still can’t say that in near future Google Duplex will develop enough to void its dependency on people. The critics Of Google Duplex do not believe that it will happen soon. Anyway, the optimists think that in the foreseeable future, Duplex will successfully broaden its features and become more independent.

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