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7 Reasons to learn Git

May 01, 2020

7 Reasons to learn Git

If you are a new programmer and wonder what to start with, learn Git as soon as possible. No matter what programming language or framework you want to start with, learn Git. Git is a free version control system- the most widely used one worldwide. It has a distributed architecture and can manage both small and large projects.

Here are the main reasons, proving that Git will make a programmer’s life much easier:

  1. Version Control

    Git can remember all the changes you have made since your last save. With Git, each version of your code is accessible to you. No matter if you have changed it 10 times or 500 times, it remembers each and every step. Git supports trial-and-error, as well as, teaches the programmers to plan before coding.

  2. Teamwork

    The collaboration in the framework of different projects has never been so easy. You can work much more productive using Git, hence it makes it easier to work in teams. Git allows different people to work on the same file simultaneously. Moreover, the master branch will help you easily merge your changes.

  3. Improving Your Code

    You can always look back on the code you have written before and make any corrections even if the project was done a few years ago. It’s a good way to see how much you have improved so far. Each action in Git adds data. This means that breaking a repository or losing data in Git is a rare thing.

  4. Saving Your Time

    Git will help you save much time and let you work more efficiently. It is as fast as lightning. Git takes just a few seconds per command.

  5. Work Offline

    Another good thing about Git is that you can work with it, even on the move. Internet connection is not necessary while working with Git. It gives you an opportunity to decide where and when to work. In Git the content of the files, the connection between the directories, all of the objects of Git repository are safe, being secured with SHA1- a secure hashing algorithm.

  6. Making Own Working Plan

    With Git you can set up your own working plan. It doesn’t mean that you can not string to different remote repositories, rebatch instead of merging. You can do it whenever you need it.

  7. Saying No to Mixing up

    Separating concerns will keep your things on the right track. For example, when you work on one feature nothing should influence your incomplete code. In case you discover that the given feature is not needed anymore, the right way can be found through branching. Git can do it in an easy and fast way.

Don’t Hesitate to Start

It won’t take you long to learn the basics of the Git. You just need to start as soon as possible. Additionally, short “How-to” snippets will be a perfect guide for you while trying to work with Git.

Closing notes

Almost all advanced companies worldwide use Git. Among them are Microsoft, Netflix, Facebook, Amazon and many more. Finally, learning git will make you an in-demand programmer.

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