WSDL to PHP with Basic Auth

There are a few ways to convert a WSDL file to PHP code with Basic Auth. but one common method is to use a tool called "wsdl2phpgenerator." This tool generates PHP classes from a WSDL file, and it can also handle Basic Authentication by using the "--username" and "--password" options.

First, you need to download the wsdl2phpgenerator package from the website. Then you can use the command line to execute the package and generate the PHP classes.

php wsdl2php.phar generate -i -o generated/ -n MyService --username user --password pass

The above command generates PHP classes in the "generated" directory, and it uses "MyService" as the namespace. The "--username" and "--password" options are used to pass in the Basic Auth credentials.

After that, you can use the generated classes in your PHP code to make SOAP requests to the service.

You can also use other tools like "wsdl2php" which is a command line tool, "EasyWsdl" which is a library that you can use in your code.

It is also possible to use SoapClient which is a built-in PHP class to create a client for a web service, passing the wsdl url and authentication information as arguments.


$options = [
  'login' => 'user',
  'password' => 'pass',
  'trace' => 1,
  'exceptions' => 0,
$client = new SoapClient('', $options);

Please note that the above examples assumes that the WSDL and server support Basic Auth and your PHP version support SOAP.