Setting POST variable without using form

To set the value of a POST variable in PHP, you can use the following code:


$_POST['variable_name'] = 'variable_value';

This will set the POST variable variable_name to variable_value. You can then access this variable in your PHP code using the $_POST array, like this:


$variable = $_POST['variable_name'];

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You can also use the $_POST array to set multiple POST variables at once, like this:


$_POST['variable_1'] = 'value_1';
$_POST['variable_2'] = 'value_2';
$_POST['variable_3'] = 'value_3';
// etc.

It's important to note that POST variables are only accessible in PHP if they are submitted as part of an HTTP POST request. You can't set POST variables without using a form or some other method to submit an HTTP POST request.