Laravel orderBy on a relationship

In Laravel, you can use the orderBy method on a relationship to sort the results of the relationship by a given column. Here's an example of how you might use orderBy on a relationship in a Laravel application:

// Retrieve the posts that belong to a particular user, sorted by the title of the post
$user = App\User::find(1);
$posts = $user->posts()->orderBy('title', 'asc')->get();

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This will retrieve all of the posts that belong to the user with an ID of 1, and it will sort the posts by their title in ascending order. You can also use the desc option to sort the posts in descending order:

$posts = $user->posts()->orderBy('title', 'desc')->get();

Keep in mind that the orderBy method should be called on the relationship itself, rather than on the resulting collection of posts. This is because the orderBy method is defined on the relationship and not on the collection of posts.