Laravel: Error [PDOException]: Could not Find Driver in PostgreSQL

It looks like you are trying to connect to a PostgreSQL database from your Laravel application, but the PDO (PHP Data Objects) extension is not installed or enabled in your PHP environment.

To fix this error, you will need to install and enable the PDO PostgreSQL driver. Here are the steps you can follow to do this:

  1. Install the PostgreSQL driver for PDO:
sudo apt-get install php-pgsql
  1. Enable the PDO PostgreSQL driver:
sudo phpenmod pdo_pgsql
  1. Restart your web server:
sudo service apache2 restart

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Once you have completed these steps, you should be able to connect to your PostgreSQL database from your Laravel application.

If you are still having trouble connecting to the database, you may want to check your database connection configuration in the .env file and make sure that it is correct. You may also want to check the logs for any additional error messages that may help you troubleshoot the issue.