Laravel 5 How to switch from Production mode

To switch from production mode to development mode in Laravel 5, you can use the php artisan down command. This command will put your Laravel application into maintenance mode, which will display a default maintenance page to your users. This can be useful if you need to perform maintenance on your application or make updates.

To switch back to production mode, you can use the php artisan up command. This will bring your Laravel application out of maintenance mode and allow users to access it again.

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You can also use the php artisan env command to switch between different environments. For example, you can use php artisan env development to switch to the development environment, or php artisan env production to switch to the production environment.

It's important to note that when you switch to production mode, Laravel will use certain optimizations such as caching to improve performance. Therefore, it's recommended to test your application in development mode before deploying it to production.