How to Push Both Value and Key into a PHP Array

In this short tutorial, we will demonstrate to you how to push both value and key into a PHP array in the fastest and simplest ways.

Below, you can find the methods that we recommend you to use.

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Using arrayname

The first method that we recommend you to use is arrayname.

Here is the code to use:


$arrayname[indexname] = $value;


Using the union Operator

The second method is using the union operator (+) for combining and keeping the keys of the added array. Here is a proper example:


$arr1 = ['foo' => 'bar'];
$arr2 = ['baz' => 'bof'];
$arr3 = $arr1 + $arr2;
// prints: // array( // 'foo' => 'bar', // 'baz' => 'bof', // );


Using array_merge

Another method is to use array_merge in the following way:


array_merge($_GET, [$rule[0] => $rule[1]]);


Describing PHP Arrays

An array is considered a specific variable, capable of storing more than a value at a time.

So, a PHP array can hold multiple values under a single name. It is possible to access them by referring to an index number.

For creating an array, the array() function is used.