Get URL query string parameters

To get the query string parameters in PHP, you can use the $_GET superglobal array. This array contains key-value pairs of the query string parameters.

For example, if the URL of the page is, you can access the values of the query string parameters like this:


echo $_GET['key1']; // Outputs: value1
echo $_GET['key2']; // Outputs: value2

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You can also use the parse_str() function to parse the query string and store it in an associative array. Here's an example:


$query = parse_str($_SERVER['QUERY_STRING'], $parameters);

echo $parameters['key1']; // Outputs: value1
echo $parameters['key2']; // Outputs: value2

Note that if the parameter is not present in the query string, $_GET will return null. You can use the isset() function to check if a parameter is set.


if (isset($_GET['key1'])) {
  echo 'key1 is set';