Calculate difference between two dates using Carbon and Blade

To calculate the difference between two dates using Carbon and Blade, you can use the following steps:

  1. Install Carbon using Composer by running the following command:
composer require nesbot/carbon
  1. In your Blade template, use Carbon to parse the dates and calculate the difference between them:
// Parse the dates using Carbon
$date1 = Carbon::parse($date1);
$date2 = Carbon::parse($date2);

// Calculate the difference between the dates
$difference = $date1->diffInDays($date2);
  1. You can then output the difference in your Blade template using Blade syntax:
The difference between the two dates is {{ $difference }} days.

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Note that in this example, $date1 and $date2 are variables that contain the dates you want to compare. You can pass these variables to your Blade template from your controller or other code.