'AND' vs '&&' as operator

In PHP, both 'AND' and '&&' are logical operators that are used to test if two statements are true. They both have the same level of precedence and work in the same way.

The main difference between 'AND' and '&&' is that 'AND' is a word and '&&' is a symbol. In general, it is more common to use '&&' as the logical operator because it is shorter and easier to read.

Here is an example of how you might use these operators:


$x = 5;
$y = 10;

if ($x == 5 AND $y == 10) {
  echo "True!" . PHP_EOL;

if ($x == 5 && $y == 10) {
  echo "True!";

In both cases, the output will be "True!" because both statements are true.