Maven plugins can not be found in IntelliJ

There are several possible reasons why Maven plugins might not be found in IntelliJ:

  1. Maven is not installed or is not configured properly: Make sure that Maven is installed on your system and that it is configured correctly in IntelliJ.

  2. The plugin is not in the Maven Central repository: Some Maven plugins are not available in the Maven Central repository. In this case, you need to add the repository where the plugin is located to your pom.xml file.

  3. The plugin version is not compatible with your project: Make sure that you are using a version of the plugin that is compatible with your project.

  4. The plugin is not defined in the pom.xml file: Make sure that the plugin is defined in the pom.xml file.

  5. There is a typo in the plugin name or version: Make sure that the plugin name and version are spelled correctly in the pom.xml file.

To fix the issue, you need to identify the cause of the problem and take the appropriate action. You may need to update your Maven configuration, add a repository to your pom.xml file, update the plugin version, or check the spelling of the plugin name and version.