Java: Get first item from a collection

To get the first item from a collection in Java, you can use the iterator() method to get an iterator for the collection, and then call the next() method on the iterator to get the first element.

For example, suppose you have a List of strings called myList and you want to get the first element:

List<String> myList = ...;
Iterator<String> iterator = myList.iterator();
if (iterator.hasNext()) {
    String firstElement =;
    // do something with the first element

Alternatively, you can use the get(int index) method to get the element at a specific index in a List, or the first() method to get the first element in a Set.

For example:

List<String> myList = ...;
String firstElement = myList.get(0);

Set<String> mySet = ...;
String firstElement = mySet.first();

Note that these methods will throw an exception if the collection is empty, so you should make sure to check the size of the collection before attempting to get the first element.

I hope this helps. Let me know if you have any questions.