How to decompile a whole Jar file?

To decompile a JAR file, you can use a Java decompiler such as JD-GUI. Here's how you can use JD-GUI to decompile a JAR file:

  1. Download and install JD-GUI from the official website (
  2. Open JD-GUI and click on the "Open" button (or use the File menu).
  3. Navigate to the JAR file you want to decompile and select it. JD-GUI will start decompiling the file.
  4. You can view the decompiled source code in the main window. You can also use the tree view on the left to navigate through the different classes and resources in the JAR file.

You can also use other Java decompilers such as JAD or CFR Decompiler to decompile JAR files.

Keep in mind that decompiling a JAR file will not necessarily give you the exact source code that was used to create the JAR file. Decompilers can produce inaccurate or incomplete results, and the process of decompilation can introduce errors into the decompiled code. Therefore, it is generally not a good idea to rely on decompiled code for anything other than understanding how a program works or troubleshooting issues.