Color Hex

What is HEX?

First, let’s figure out what hexadecimal color is. HEX represents a six-digit union of numbers and letters.

From first sight, it can seem confusing, as all of us have learned basic math with a decimal number system. Unless decimal numbers, hexadecimal numbers start from a hashtag ( or sign of pound).

Hexadecimal colors are supported on all browsers. 2 joint hexadecimal digits (it is called a byte) can compose 256 (16X16) different color levels. HEX color code looks like this #FFFFFF.

How to predict colors?

Hexadecimal color code holds the numerical values from 0 to 9 and alphabetical values from A to F. The values of code byte range from 00 (the lowest color intensity) to FF (the highest intensity). Once you understand the numbers, you will easily grasp the idea about what a certain color will look like based on the intensity of different colors. This means, that when you understand what the certain numbers stand for in hexadecimal colors, you will manage to predict what color you will see.