W3Docs With New Face

We had started to establish our website by aiming to provide you every information along with many tools. Beside these aims, we have never stop thinking to improve our website and make it better for you. After we started to add our new features, we needed a change our website's design. And here it is...

You Can Read Latest Improvements

First of all, you will be able to see the latest improvements about either our website or web technology on our homepage. You will see the short information about the article and you will be able to read all when you click on it easily.

And our tutorials... They will stay on the right just like before and the tutorial menu looks more attractive at the moment.

New Feature: Quiz

Our surprises go on. Here another new feature for you: Quiz. When it starts working -will be available soon-, you will be able to reach it on our homepage. Under articles, you can find our tools menu and Quiz part just above footer.