W3Docs Presents New Tools

W3Docs.com continue making your developing life easier by providing every necessary tools. You won't need to make a search to find what you need because we are trying to provide you all with a user-friendly design.

One New Tools Are Available

And our developers prepared one new tool for you: HTML Encoder/Decoder.

Correct Your Codes With HTML Encoder

Another tool which you can find on W3Docs.com is HTML Encoder and Decoder. There are some special characters in HTML and these characters should be converted to their correct HTML entities.

For example, we are using < or > characters while writing our codes, however, it must be converted to < HTML entity. So that, it will be displayed in the content of an HTML page.

To convert your codes, you must only copy the codes to the left and click "Encode" button above. You can get the results in HTML or Javascript.

And sometimes we may need to do opposite. This time if you copy your already encoded codes to the right side of the tool and click "Decode" button, you will get the result on the left directly.