New Tool "Geometric Images"

A new tool has been created by W3 Docs for HTML and CSS.

Geometric Image

From now on you have the possibility to use the Geometric Images Tool which will help you to make geometric images in an easy way.

This tool gives an opportunity to pick up the colors and shapes that you desire.

You can also set its Width, Height, and Radius.

As you can see you have the following shapes: Rectangle, Circle, Triangle, Parallelogram, Heart, Pec-Man, Pair Point Burst and Moon.

If you want to use one of those images you should copy the given Html code in the Html code. And in the CSS file you should add the given CSS file.

RECTANGLE: Rectange example

CIRCLE: Circle example

TRINGLE: Tringle example

PARALLELOGRAM:  Parallelogram example

HEART:Heart example

PAC-MAN: Pac-man example

PAIR POINT BURST: Pair Point Burst example

MOON: Moon example